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Hi, we have new plugin for you!

Wordpress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin - 1

With this plugin you can create any number of BuzzFeed style Personality Quizzes. Interface is easy and it is mobile friendly. So Just try it!

Test account

You can login to with test_user/test_user login/password to test plugin online


  • easy to use interface
  • two types of questions: text question and image question
  • unlimited number of questions and answers
  • responsive layout
  • ability to customize share message depending to social networks
  • ability to add advertising to quiz results
  • ability to ask for email before get results
  • ability to ask to share before getting quiz results


  • Q: How I can set right or wrong answer in questions ?
  • A: Its not knowledge quiz. This plugin creates quizzes like personality quiz. So e.g. we have 5 results. In each question answer we set number of point to each result. E.g. 0 – not like, 1 – more or less, 2 – extremely like. So after passing quiz we calculate which result get biggest number of points and show it.
  • Q: How question HTML code works ?
  • A: Script check if user added custom HTML and output it, in case no HTML is used – image will be used.

Wordpress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin - 2

Version 1.11 Release Date 31.07.2017

  • Added functionality to ask for email before getting results. All emails are stored in database
  • Added functionality to ask to share results before getting results. All emails are stored in database

Version 1.10 Release Date 04.09.2015

  • Opera issue fixed

Version 1.7 Release Date 08.05.2015

  • Small CSS fixes
  • Ability to change custom post type quiz

Version 1.6 Release Date 29.04.2015

  • Small CSS fixes
  • Ability to use HTML in question. Now you can use not only images in questions, but also any HTML code, e.g. Youtube embed video

Version 1.5 Release Date 27.04.2015

  • Small CSS fixes
  • Full escaping added
  • Ability to use HTML in result description added

Version 1.4 Release Date 22.04.2015

  • Permalinks issue fixed
  • Few Small warnings removed

Version 1.3 Release Date 19.04.2015

  • Image Non save v1.2 issue fixed
  • Added ability to add ads to test results
  • Critical shortcode issue fixed

Version 1.2 Release Date 16.04.2015

  • Added drag-n-drop interface
  • Front end no image issue fixed
  • Back end quote issue fixed
  • Added social system message customizer

Version 1.1 Release Date 07.04.2015

  • First Release



If you found bug or need to extend functionality or add new feature – just write it in comments and duplicate it via private message ( ). TNX!


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