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vBulletin Connector – Integrates your vBulletin forums with your WordPress site!

vBulletin Connector (scVBConnector for short) is a WordPress plugin that hooks into a vBulletin database and displays vBulletin comments in a WordPress Post page.


  • WordPress/vBulletin integration (vBulletin 3.8, 4.1, 4.2, 5.x)
  • Creates matching vBulletin threads for you when you add a new WordPress post
  • Allows Registered and/or Guest vBulletin users to post directly to vBulletin thread from WordPress
  • Creates a trackback link in vBulletin thread to your WordPress post with quote from your WordPress post
  • Custom avatar, smilie support
  • Configurable language settings
  • Multisite support
  • BBCode support (supports many tags, including QUOTE, URL, IMG)


  • WordPress site needs to be able to connect to vBulletin database. See FAQ on ‘Support’ tab for more information


5.3 – July 21 2020

  • Bugfix: Added support for vBulletin 5.5 and higher versions. Conflict was caused by schema change (reportnodeid) starting in vBulletin 5.5.0

5.2 – October 21 2017

  • Bugfix: Improved session regeneration when logging off one vBulletin account and logging in to another
  • Bugfix: Fixed error in [URL=”site”]text[/URL] BBCode parsing
  • Bugfix: Fixed syntax error in vbBase.php

5.1 – July 7 2017

  • New Feature: Added settings option to ignore parsed post text in vB database. This is only for users experiencing
    weird comment formatting issues
  • New Feature: Added cache expiration setting in options
  • New Feature: Now caching comment count in WordPress metadata for improved speed
  • New Feature: Added session cookie to improve reliability of VB session tracking
  • Bugfix: Fixed path information for installations not using default plugin directory name
  • Bugfix: Fixed iconv error when iconv support is not available on server
  • Bugfix: Fixed smilies support when using root paths
  • Bugfix: Added redirect after guest/registered user comment submit to avoid double posting
  • Bugfix: When backdating WordPress post, created vBulletin threads now reflect backdated time
  • Bugfix: VB3/VB4 post sync update feature now clears postparsed cache after updating thread.
  • Bugfix: Improved Publish Post speed by optimizing queries

5.0 – April 12 2017

  • This is a major update. When upgrading, please first back up your existing plugin directory so that you can roll back in case of problems.
  • New Feature: Added smilies support for VB3/VB4 (already had support for VB5)
  • New Feature: No longer stripping out content in FONT and SIZE BBCodes
  • New Feature: Added texturizer setting to allow custom HTML output for the way comments are displayed. This is an advanced feature and will require some programming knowledge to create your own texturizer if desired.
  • New Feature: Added vBulletin 5 Collation setting to help collation/character encoding issues. To utilize, just visit the plugin settings screen and either manually set the collation or use the Auto-detect feature. Then save the settings.
  • Cleaned up newline spacing. Comment display should be cleaner now

4.4 – January 16 2017

  • New Feature: Added timestamp adjustment setting for comment timestamps
  • Bugfix: Added IPCheck length setting for ‘Allow vBulletin registered user comments’ feature for vBulletin installs that use a different value other than the default of 1
  • Bugfix: VB5 duplicate comments fix when cache contains multiple entries for same cacheid
  • Bugfix: Fixed smilies cache error when there are quotation mark characters in vBulletin smilie text
  • Bugfix: Improved character encoding support for VB5.

4.3 – November 22 2016

  • New Feature: Added option to strip out WordPress shortcodes prior to insertion into vBulletin
  • New Feature: Added option to hide Showing Posts Text (aka Showing comments 0-0 of 0 comments) when there are 0 comments
  • Bugfix: PHP 7 support added

4.2 hotfix – October 4 2016

  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘Ignore first comment’ setting problem when comment order is set to newest first.

4.2 – September 27 2016

  • New Feature: Added setting to control whether to create vBulletin threads and show comments for WordPress Pages
  • New Feature: Added parent forum title to Target vBulletin Forum dropdown list
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with comments display when ‘ignore first post’ enabled in some situations

4.1 – May 18 2016

  • Bugfix: More Character Encoding compatibility fixes.
  • New Feature: Added plugin hooks for easier customization

4.0 – April 7 2016

  • Bugfix: BBCode conversion fixes, added additional HTML to BBCode support

3.9 – March 11 2016

  • Bugfix: Further improved unicode character support. Both ‘Extra Character Encoding Compatibility’ options have been upgraded.

3.8 – February 23 2016

  • New Feature: Added ‘Extra Character Encoding Compatibility #2’ option to settings. This improves unicode character support in by using iconv for character encoding conversion.
  • Bugfix: ‘Manually set associated vBulletin Thread ID’ wasn’t showing up on the New Post screen. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Slashes were getting added to quotation marks on guest/registered comment submits. This has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: VB3/VB4 database avatar URL paths had an extra / character in the path. Removed.

3.7 – January 1 2016

  • New Feature: More language support added for wpdisplaybar users
  • New Feature: Default ‘create post as’ vBulletin username now shows up on New Post screen

3.6 – November 11 2015

  • New Feature: WordPress pages are now supported for comments
  • Bugfix: Added additional support for special character encodings. Special polish characters, for example, were not being encoded properly into vBulletin format
  • Bugfix: Linebreaks are no longer removed from Guest/Registered comment submissions
  • Removed duplicate thread title check when creating vBulletin threads. Previously, colliding vBulletin thread titles were not allowed. Now they can be created.

3.5 – September 23 2015

  • Bugfix: ‘Additional Post Type(s)’ feature fixed. Was not working correctly due to post type filter on publish screen.

3.4 – August 24 2015

  • Bugfix: Fixed EMBED tag warning

3.3 – July 18 2015

  • New Feature: More IMG and EMBED tag support added for converting post to vBulletin thread text added
  • New Feature: Can now specify more than one custom post type, separated by commas in the options
  • New Feature: New ‘Store Comments in Variable Instead’ option. When enabled, comments will be stored in public static variable instead of being output to screen for custom theme placement.
  • Bugfix: VB3 installs were running VB4 activity stream code due to version checking bug. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: VB3/VB4 Fixed custom avatar support for filesystem based avatar storage
  • Bugfix: VB3/VB4 Fixed thread last poster update when registered/guest users submit comment form
  • Docs: More debug messages added to help debug configuration errors for Allow Registered Users to Post feature

3.2 – June 15 2015

  • New Feature: For WordPress posts with images, images will now be transferred to corresponding WordPress post if ‘Quote WordPress Post’ option is checked. Videos as well if you use pure (e.g. no additional attributes) tags for the WordPress post and you have BBCode support in your vBulletin installation.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Guest Insert Comment not updating reply counts
  • Default Settings Change: Compatibility mode now enabled by default for fresh installations
  • Refactoring/Code Cleanup: Codebase has been moved around a bit to make customizations easier.

3.1 – April 10 2015

  • New Feature: Display Usergroup HTML markup in comments. If you have HTML markup for administrators, for example, this will be applied to the WordPress comments. To use, check the “Use Usergroup HTML Markup” option in the settings screen.
  • New Feature: Can now create posts as logged in VB user. If vBulletin Cookie Salt&Prefix/vBulletin Session Hash Cookie Name settings are properly configured, and the user is currently logged in to vBulletin, then the user will be able to use their vBulletin username to post, overwriting the default plugin setting. To use this feature on the New Post screen, check the “If checked, will create post as (usernamehere)” option.
  • New Feature/Bugfix: Added ‘Extra Character Encoding Compatibility’ option in settings for proper character encoding of cyrillic characters in VB4. This setting may also fix other character encoding issues and on other versions of vBulletin.

3.0 – February 23 2015

  • Bugfix: Meta thread ID caching was being affected by custom meta thread ID field. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Quotation mark characters escaped incorrectly on Guest/Registered user post. Fixed.

2.9 hotfix – February 5 2015

  • Bugfix: vBulletin 4.* fix for error message related to vBulletin smilies feature

2.9 – February 5 2015

  • New Feature: Added support for vBulletin smilies (!)
  • New Feature: Updated Google ReCAPTCHA library to use latest version
  • Optimization: Improved comment count retrieval speed through metadata/optimizations
  • Bugfix: VB5 reply count updated now after registered/guest posts from WP
  • (!): For existing VB5 users, after updating the plugin you will need to revisit the plugin settings page to regenerate the smilies cache

2.8 hotfix – January 8 2015

  • Bugfix: VB3/VB4 versions of the new ‘vBulletin User Post’ feature contained a bug that caused the entire thread to get soft/hard deleted when one of the new posts was deleted. This has been fixed. If you’ve installed 2.8 already, the developer highly recommends updating ASAP.

2.8 – January 7 2015

  • New Feature: Added option to allow vBulletin users with valid session or Remember Me option to post comments directly from WordPress post. This works across VB3/VB4/VB5
  • New Feature: Ability to manually set which vBulletin thread to show in a WordPress thread by Thread ID (Node ID for VB5)
  • New Feature: Ability to create vBulletin threads for scheduled posts
  • Bugfix: Soft deleted posts will no longer show up
  • Bugfix: Removed protocol on avatar links for HTTPS compatibility
  • Bugfix: Minor PHP warnings/notices fixed

2.7 – December 2 2014

  • New Feature: Added vB 4 Activity Stream publishing when new threads are created
  • New Feature: Added BBCode support for [center], , and [quote] tags
  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘Use Excerpt’ bug when creating new posts

2.6 – November 6 2014

  • New Feature: Guest comment box support added. Allow guests from WordPress to post directly to vBulletin forum as ‘Guest’.
  • New Feature: Optional Google reCAPTCHA support implemented for Guest comment feature to prevent spam.
  • New Feature: vB 5 support for filesystem-based avatars added. See ‘Custom avatar folder name’ setting
  • Bugfix: vB 3.* – 4.* fix for post title
  • Bugfix: vB 5 channel fix

2.5 – August 5 2014

  • Now ordering ‘Target Forum for Post’ alphabetically
  • Fix for metadata optimization introduced in 2.4. Should work faster now.
  • Fix for case sensitivity issue in BBCode translations
  • Fix for vB 4 post to specified forum feature (bug in Version 2.4)
  • vB 5 route caching fix
  • Updated documentation

2.4 – July 4 2014

  • Added post metadata lookup optimization. Should increase accuracy of thread matching and speed by reducing DB query count
  • Added Edit Post option that will update vBulletin post when WordPress post is edited (only applies to posts created by vBulletin Connector versions 2.4 and later)
  • Added connectivity for WordPress Display Bar plugin to display latest threads/posts
  • Modified settings page for better description of Create settings
  • Minor vBulletin 5 fixes
  • New Edit Post/connectivity features not fully tested in vBulletin 3/4 but should work

2.3 – May 10 2014

  • You can now both post a snippet and include an excerpt on the top of the vBulletin post. Enable both ‘Quote WordPress Post’ and ‘Use WordPress Excerpt’ for this to happen
  • Fixed prepare statement notice for WordPress 3.9.1

2.2 hotfix – March 30 2014

  • Fix for scVBConnectorCache missing error. The cache.php file was missing in the previous update.

2.2 – March 30 2014

  • This is an optimization update. Many speed enhancements and tweaks were made. If you have a WordPress cache plugin installed (such as W3 Total Cache), this plugin will now utilize it to reduce database queries and speed up performance.
  • * Please make sure the ‘cache’ directory in the plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/scVBConnector/cache/) is writable by the webserver.
  • * For users who are updating the plugin, please visit the settings page of the plugin after updating to generate the new settings file cache

2.1 – March 20 2014

  • Added ability to set custom member profile paths for when default member profile links are incorrect. (See: ‘Custom member profile path’ setting under Optional Settings)
  • Fixed support for custom text for ‘Discussion’

2.0 update – February 26 2014

  • Hotfix for BBCode
  • Added post count update for vBulletin 5

2.0 – February 17 2014

  • Added ability to select which vBulletin forum to create thread in when posting from WordPress.
  • Added more BBCode support
  • Fixed PHP warning message when no thread found

1.9 – January 20 2014

  • Checkbox to control whether a WordPress post generates a vBulletin thread has been added. This checkbox is on the ‘Add New Post’ page, under ‘vBConnector Options’
  • Post excerpt option added (this option uses the WordPress excerpt box for text instead of pulling a sample from the post itself). This option is on the Settings->scVBConnector screen
  • Note: VB4 demo site is no longer running on vBulletin 4.2 since my friend who has been very generous in allowing me to use his site to develop against has upgraded to vBulletin 5.
    If you are running a vBulletin 4.* forum and would like to offer me access to use your forums for demo purposes or are willing to set up dev forums for demo/development purposes, please let me know!

1.8 Update – November 22 2013

  • VB5 fix for updating Last Post on forum homepage
  • Fix for ‘Comment Order’ descending option and ‘Ignore First Post’ options being used together
  • Fix for nested BBCodes.

1.8 – November 13 2013

  • VB5 bug fixes (custom avatars)
  • Fixed display issues with merged threads
  • Added ‘Comment Order’ option to do Newest First/Oldest First display

1.7 – October 25 2013

  • Improved VB5 support (bug fixes)
  • Fixed ampersand in post title issue (all versions)
  • Added VB5 support for Custom Avatars

1.6 Update – October 24 2013

  • There are a few minor bugs for VB5 support. These bugs are not show stoppers but are being addressed and will be fixed in the next update. Primarily, these bugs are related to Topic/Post counts not updating when WordPress posts are made.

1.6 – October 5 2013

1.5 – October 4 2013

  • Beta READ-ONLY VB5 support added. This means that ‘Create vBulletin Post’ features don’t work in vBulletin 5.
  • Added ‘Length of post to quote’ feature. Control the size of the snippet in created vBulletin thread.
  • Added BBCode QUOTE support. Click for Demo

1.4 – August 5 2013

  • Custom Date/timezone settings implemented. Go ahead and customize the date format you would like to use for the comments.

1.3 hotfix – May 15 2013

  • Thanks to primagames user, corrected bug introduced in 1.3 relating to automatic vBulletin thread creation on new WordPress post.

1.3 – May 5 2013

  • Added dropdown in settings to select support between vBulletin 4.2, 4.1, 3.8

1.2 – Mar 30 2013

  • Added display settings to control output text/language
  • Added Quote WordPress Post feature to automatically insert some WordPress text into vBulletin thread


  • Automatically Create vBulletin Post for Old Posts added
  • Compatibility Mode added


  • Initial Release


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