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IMPORTANT NOTICE – Product is no longer supported

This produce has been superseded by our newest contact form product.
Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

Please note that you can still purchase this script if it fulfills your needs but we won’t be supporting or developing it any further.

v1.71 Released – November 25, 2012

Your visitors won’t be able to stop themselves contacting you with this baby. The HTML5 AJAX Contact Form utilises cutting edge HMTL5 code and CSS3 animations to make your contact page elegant and ultra-usable.

Live Demo

You can view a demo of the form itself live!

Features include:

  • Fully valid HTML5 code including inline form validation
  • Animated inputs on focus
  • jQuery functionality animates the form on submission failure or acceptance
  • ‘Are you human?’ Verification

Best viewed in Safari and Chrome


2012-11-25 - v1.71
 * Fix: Verification code sometimes failed

2012-09-12 - v1.7
 * Fix: Verification code incorrect message

2012/09/12 - v1.6
 * New: Added checkbox + radio sample
 * Fix: Submit button sometimes stayed in its disabled state
 * Tweak: Organize files into folders
 * Tweak: Update contact.php to be more clear to edit
 * Tweak: Serialize all form values via JS, don't have to define them each in JS anymore

13/11/2011 - v1.5 Configurable shake effect. HTML5 W3 validation. Undefined index fix & error suppression removal. Make verification text easier to read.
11/04/2011 - v1.4 Yellow marks gone. Type gone on select. Cookie fallback added to image verification.
11/03/2011 - v1.3 Verification improvements.
06/09/2010 - v1.1 Released. Adds image verification.
27/08/2010 - v1.0 Released for Public Sale.


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